How Does It Work?

Explore how the natural world works! Learn how we use simple machines in our daily lives! This physical science-themed exhibit challenges you to discover the answers to your own scientific questions with tons of hands-on, investigative experiences.

      • Challenge yourself to learn new physics, chemistry, and biological concepts at Science Station.
      • Raise yourself five feet in the air to see how pulleys make work easier at Kid Lift.
      • Use the pneumatic tube system to send objects traveling through various overhead tracks Ball Coaster.
      • Construct a ramp course to illustrate the effects of gravity and incline planes in increasing or decreasing velocity of rolling objects in Build a Ramp.
      • Send wooden balls on a spiraled pathway down into the center of our giant gravity well at Motion in a Funnel.
      • Master the principles of inertia to keep a ring spinning upright on a huge metal turntable at Spin Disc, Spin.
      • Use Gears to assemble a gear chain on our magnetic table top. Explore various methods of producing power and speed using these simple machines.
      • Learn about the role played by keystones in ancient architectural design as you balance compression forces to Build an Arch.


Located in the “How Does it Work?” gallery sponsored by Ann & John Johnson.