April 7-20

Sensational Senses WonderWeek

The Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center celebrates different abilities that make each child and their senses unique during our Sensational Senses WonderWeek. Hear, see, smell, taste, and touch the outside world through tons of “sense”ational, hands-on activities.


  • Torn Paper Collages: Create a cool collage by ripping, shredding and shaping paper at Art Academy.
  • Veggies Crown: Learn about the different times of vegetables while creating your own veggie crown at Junktion.
  • Paper Plate Tambourine: Make a tambourine and create your own tunes at Junktion.
  • Hot Air Balloon: Create your own sensory hot air balloon while learning about the variety of textures at Junktion.
  • Acid in Juices: Discover how acidity affects your teeth and learn how to make healthier choices when choosing beverages to enjoy at Science Station. 
  • Anamorphic Art: Use a concave mirror to adjust the perspective of distorted images and create your own piece of anamorphic artwork using a technique that dates back to the 16th century at Science Station. 

Made In Your Mind – How Does It Work? Exhibit 

  • Secret Message Encoder: Learn how you and your friends can share secret messages.
  • Chop Top: Discover inertia and the optical illusion of Benham’s Disk by creating your own spinning top.


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