Oct. 10- 31

Halloween Monster Mayhem

Something spooky this way comes to the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center! A myriad of magic, mystery and monsters have maneuvered their way into the Museum for three weeks of Halloween! Come partake in spine-tingling experiments, spirit-lifting activities and slime-filled fun during our “Halloween Monster Mayhem” from Oct. 10 to 312017.  Meander your way through the Museum in search of goblins, goodies and goo!

  • Go on a trick-or-treat monster hunt, 4 – 6 p.m. Tuesday- Friday, and all day Saturday!
  • Feathers, antennas, and googly eyes! Come challenge your imagination and create the quirkiest creature of all out of a pool noodle10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 21 at OcuSOFT® Art Academy. 
  • Put yourself in monsters’ shoes during Monster Feet Making, 4-6 p.m., on Oct.31 at OcuSOFT® Art Academy. 
  • Ooze with ickiness as you create a gooey concoction of Monster Slime on Oct. 28.  Registration is required. 

OCT. 6-12

Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts have descended upon the Children’s Museum of Houston and we need your help to defeat them by using your math skills! Join us for a week-long filled with spooky sights during our Crunch the Numbers WonderWeek!

  • Unleash the beast within you and turn your name into a frightening monster at OcuSOFT® Art Academy.
  • Come explore the physics behind how “ghost ring” vortexes move through the air at Science Station.
  • Solve a puzzle and create hair-raising tangram animals at Junktion. 
  • Slithering snakes will delight you as you design your own snake bead bracelet at Junktion.
  • Craft up your own sticky crawly spider web at Junktion. 

OCT. 13 – 19

Transform yourself into Dr. Frankenstein and bring monsters to life during our Imagination Reanimation WonderWeek, Oct. 13 – 19 during Halloween Monster Mayhem.  You’re sure to have a spine-tingling experience, experimenting with monstrous matters, participating in spirit-lifting activities, or going on a trick-or-treat monster hunt, 4 – 6 p.m. Tuesday – Friday and all day Saturday!  It’s time to have a hair-raising good time and bring your creativity to life!

  • Create a work of art that is simply glowing in  OcuSOFT® Art Academy.
  • Wire together your own freaky Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein masks in Junktion.
  • Your hair will stand on end when you strand together a mad scientist wig at Junktion.
  • Inspect the unexpected when you engineer your own mad scientist goggles at Junktion.
  • Make ghoulish monsters come alive in 3-D by creating hologram pyramids at Science Station.

OCT. 20 – 26

Double, double, toil and trouble! Shakespeare couldn’t have imagined the trouble brewing.

  • Mix potions and crazy color concoctions as you create your own bubble art of bats, cats, and cauldrons in  OcuSOFT® Art Academy.
  • Concoct enchanting Popsicle stick potion bottles with the eye of newt and scale of a dragon and encase the magic or piece together a craft stick creature at Junktion.
  • Design a sugar skull mask in honor of “Dia de los Muertos”at Junktion.
  • Fly off to the moon when you craft your own Witch’s Broom at Junktion.
  • Conjure up dry ice ghost bubbles and watch them vanish before your eyes in Science Station.

Oct. 27 – Nov. 2

This WonderWeek is sure to prescribe a dose of gross! We have a host of chemistry-related activities for you to explore.

  • Create your own color-changing fizzy pumpkin at OcuSOFT® Art Academy.
  • Piece together a fabric mythical monster at Junktion.
  • Create a kazoo-like instrument, and bring on the monsters at Junktion.
  • Become one of the walking dead as you string together a monster mask at Junktion.
  • Explore the science behind a belly ache and its “gas”tly effects at Science Station.

***Activities, events and times subject to change.

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