Nov. 10-16

Full STEM Ahead WonderWeek

Come explore the science, technology, engineering, and math with several hands-on activities during our Full STEM Ahead WonderWeek kicking off Nov. 10- 16. Learn how to design a 3-D version of Gustav Klimit’s famous “tree of life,” explore the physical properties of important substances by identifying the mass, volume, and density, and engineer your own pinwheel.


  • Tree of Life Sculptures:  Design a 3-D version of Gustav Klimt’s famous The Tree of Life at OcuSOFT®  Art Academy.
  • Pinwheel Power: Engineer your own pinwheel and learn about turbines at Junktion. 
  • Balancing Popsicle Sticks:  Make your own balancing popsicle stick and learn about center of gravity at Junktion. 
  • Wood pecking Bird:  Create a unique woodpecker and watch as he slides down a rubber band at Junktion. 
  • Stacking Cups:  Race against the clock and see if you can build the tallest tower possible without causing it to fall over at Math Cart.
  • Density Test: – Think like a scientist!  Collect data and perform a test to discover which sample in a pair of commercially-used materials has a greater density at Science Station.
  • Physics In Toys:  Center of Mass – Explore the roles played by the center of mass and torque as you balance an object on a single point at Science Station.

 ***Activities, events, and times subject to change. 

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