Aug. 18- 31

The Final Frontier WonderWeek

Summer is slowly coming to an end and you’re invited to leap through time and space during our last two weeks of our Sci-Fi summer during our Final Frontier Wonder Week at the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center.  Are we really alone? Don’t miss it and come catch up on the action!


  • Spinning into Space: Warp speed ahead! Turn dots of paint into streaks as it moves into hyper drive at OcuSOFT® Art Academy. 
  • Solar Eclipse: Use models to explore the alignment of Earth, the moon, and the sun that causes a Solar Eclipse to occur at Science Station. 
  • Big Sun, Small Moon: Discover why the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in the sky during a solar eclipse at Science Station. 
  • No Troll Left Behind: Become a troll from a faraway land at Junktion. 
  • Unidentified Flying Object: Aliens have landed at the museum! Help them get back home when you design a spacecraft for them at Junktion. 
  • Final Frontier Rocket: Blast off into the unknown when you engineer this fast flying rocket at Junktion. 

Made in Your Mind Activities in How Does it Work? Exhibit ( Now through Aug. 24) 

  • Sound Sandwich: Create a new take on the classic harmonica!
  • Kazoo: Make a 200-year old instrument out of modern materials!



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